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Why Choose a Custom Ice Rail from Royal Commercial Equipment Ltd/Steel Tek Industries?


We feel we have created the best product in the industry.  Built by craftsmen with decades of experience, and utilizing the finest material, you can rest assured that our Custom Frosted Ice Rails are designed, built and rigorously tested for maximum effect and useablity.  Your bar will soon become a conversation point!


Our team will work seamlessly with your design staff to create a product that will not only be aesthetically outstanding , but will be designed for maximum funtionality and ease of maintenance.


The rail will be shipped to your location in one complete package.  Installation will be as easy as setting the rail in place, hooking up the compressor, and making the final connections.  The can be accomplished by your local refrigeration contractor.


Custom Stainless Frozen Drinks Rail:

Designed and manufactured by Royal Commercial and Steel Tek Industries.



  • Heavy Gauge stainless steel.  Custom built to your specifications.

  • Type L copper refrigeration lines.

  • All refrigeration lines coated with a heat transfer compound for maximum efficiency.

  • All components enclosed in stainless steel and insulated to minimize condensation.

  • Central control box containing expansion value, liquid line solenoid and time clock, may be located anywhere below the rail to your specifications.

  • A U.L. listed condensing unit, sized specifically to match your custom rail is included.

  • Systems are tested for a minimum of 24 hours before shipping.

  • Ice Rail to be shipped to your location for installation by your local refrigeration contractor.



Keeping it Cool For Over 37 Years

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