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At Royal Commercial Equipment, we have specialized in custom design and installation of commercial refrigeration systems since 1983. Our design and installation team are ready to tackle your project, no matter how large or small, with emphasis on quality, assurance and minimum disruption and down-time for our clients. We can help you choose equipment best suited for YOUR needs, whether it be special product requirements, energy efficiency (green), noise control, aesthetics, service-accessible etc. If you would like to inquire about custom refrigeration installations please call us at 503.236.1370 or email us.


A few things to consider when looking for Custom Remote Refrigeration.

  • Design temperature?

  • Product load?

  • Do you have special requirements? i.e. blast freezing, blast cooling,quick chill,heavy use etc.

  • Where do you want to remote the condensing units? i.e. roof location, grade level etc.

  • How far away will the condensing units be from the equipment?

  • Are there any special power requirements, e.g. voltage, phase, etc.?


Although the initial requirements will be more expensive, the advantages of a remote refrigeration system will far out weigh the increased initial costs. Several advantages include...

  • Less noise and heat in the kitchen.

  • Cleaner environment.

  • Easier to service, less down-time.



Keeping it Cool For Over 37 Years

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